Age: 70s Edit

Race: Human Edit

Allegiances: None, previously of The Arcana Pansophical Edit

One of the most powerful Arcane Practitioners in the region, Eskil once worked within the circle of mages known as The Arcana Pansophical, but left for unknown reasons. He now lives within Westruun atop his ominous Greystone Tower. The party infiltrated this tower to steal one of his artifacts, but upon meeting Eskil decided to abandon their mission and instead seek his aid in restoring Grog from his necromantic infection. Eskil did, and upon them returning with the necessary materials, extracted the proto-phylactery from within Grog's torso.

The Blue Crystal Cell that was delivered to the Winter's Veil festival (and subsequently detonated and froze the town) was supposedly gifted under Eskil's name. Upon the recovery of Westruun from frozen doom, Eskil was arrested and put on trial for his supposed connection with the attack. Vox Machina thankfully came to his aid and saw him proven innocent. In return, Eskil aided the party in scrying the source of the Crystal Cell... which pointed to The Clasp from within Emon. Eskil then gifted the party with an artifact and sent them on their way.