Pike grew up in the outskirts of town, near the bramblewood. Her ancestors were a family of deep gnomes with quite an unfavourable reputation. Thievery, destruction and trickery left them the curse of the last name Trickfoot. Sarenrae, the goddess of healing and redemption had other plans for Pike's great-great-grandfather Wilhand, who left his family at a young age, after a dream. A dream that changed the course of the trickfoot family. Wilhand devoted his life to Sarenrae and pledged from then on that he and his family would live a life of service and devotion.

As a child, Pike seemed to have an affinity to heal - whether it was animals, people or even flowers. She felt she had a purpose in making things whole that had once been broken. She studied and learned the ways to heal through divine magic. She lived a peaceful life, quiet and simple, until, one day, Wilhand was captured and almost killed by a group of goliath barbarians. One of the goliaths took a stand against the murder of the innocent gnome and he himself was beaten, bloodied and left for dead - abandoned by his herd. Wilhand went to Pike for help. She prayed and healed this barbarian as best she could, bringing him back to life. When he awoke, she discovered his name was Grog Stonejaw. After that, they were the best of friends - a rather unlikely pair. Little did she know that, in a few years time, Grog would soon return the favour and bring her back from the clutches of death.

After being killed in battle, Pike felt angry. She wanted to be stronger, so that it would never happen again. She spent four months at sea, training with the men and women aboard a ship called "The Broken Howl". Gripping her holy symbol in one hand and her morningstar in the other, this time Pike is ready.