Percival Fredriksten Van Musel Klossowski de Rola the third was the third of seven children born to Lord Fredrick de Rola and Lady Yoana Van Musel in the ancient castle of Whitestone, far to the north. With such a secluded life and so many siblings to share the burdens of lordship, Percy turned his attentions to the sciences, engineering and naturalism. One day, a mysterious couple named Lord and Lady Briarwood came to court.

During a feast held in their honour, the Briarwoods violently took control of the castle, killing or imprisoning everyone who would stand in their way. Percy awoke chained in the dungeon, only to be freed by his younger sister. Together they fled, chased by the Briarwoods' men. As they ran, Percy's sister took several arrows to the chest and fell. Percy kept running, eventually jumping into a freezing river and floating unconcious to freedom. He did not remember waking up on a fishing boat. He barely remembered the next two years, as he slowly made his way as far south as possible. Then, one night, Percy had a dream - a roaring cloud of smoke offered him vengeance against those who destroyed his family. When he awoke, Percy began to design his first gun.

Percy has been evasive as to the events that brought him to a dungeon far from his homeland, his clothes in tatters. The keener of his companions have noticed 5 names inscribed on the barrels of his pepperbox.