Real Name: Moordek Vart Edit

Age: 85 (Human 40s) Edit

Race: Dwarf Edit

Allegiances: None, previously the Clergy of Avandra Edit

The barkeep of The Sunset Stride, Moordek Vart spent most of his early life as a cleric of the Temple of Avandra, keeping pious and true. However, not but 10 years ago, he met a dwarven woman named Kriss who caught his eye, and after a flirty courtship, Moordek left the clergy to pursue a family with Kriss. They were wed, and using their combined savings, they purchased the Sunset Stride Tavern in the city of Stilben and started a family. They have 2 children, both boys. Because of his background in the church, his friends in town have come to call him "Father Vart".