Age: 180s (40s Human) Edit

Race: Elven Edit

Allegiances: None. Edit

Mysterious Elf that hired the party in Westruun to infiltrate Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien's Tower and steal a Brass Box with a Pearl-topped lid. Seemingly, he works for an individual he referred to as his "Master" who required this relic.

After the party abandoned their theft mission, Drez Vina found them within their Chambers at the Inn, very unhappy that the items provided (and used) in the mission are gone, and the deal was not kept. While his Master is very unhappy with the group's previous behavior, Drez says "He sees potential, and is offering another mission to both wipe clean your debt, and make some more gold on the side." He then hired the party to infiltrate a Druid's Barrow called the "Shade Barrows", delve into the Tomb of Driag, and return with an arcane cortex embedded within some rumored construct within.

This time, the party returned successful and delivered the cortex to Drez, who happily paid for their services.